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Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Four Types Of Earphones

Dec. 19, 2019

Headphones are an indispensable accessory in life, especially for music lovers who carry headphones with them, because music lovers are simply addicted to listening to songs. Before buying headphones, many people will be entangled with which one to buy, some people will consider the price, some people choose a well-known brand, and others simply like the shape of the headphones. In fact, for ordinary music enthusiasts, there is no need to buy headphones that cost thousands of dollars. Choosing headphones depends on your daily use. For example, if you want to carry your pockets with you, you should buy earbuds and in-ears. If you want to listen to music during sports, you can buy Sports Wireless Earphone. If you prefer to listen to music for a long time, I recommend buying headphones. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these types of headphones.

1. Earphones

In-ear headphones are commonly known as flat-head headphones. These headphones are more comfortable to wear. Due to the general sound insulation effect of the earphones, you can hear the sound of vehicles passing by even when you wear it on the street, which is relatively safe. It is also suitable for people who have disease in the ear canal or the ear canal is relatively smooth. If you often have the habit of shopping and listening to music, we recommend earphones.

2. In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones, also known as in-ear headphones, have better sound insulation, can reduce external noise, can listen to songs even in noisy environments, and perform well on musical details. However, this headset is not suitable for people with ear diseases, especially if many people use it easily, it can easily cause infection. Some inferior in-ear headphones can cause organic damage to the ear. It is recommended to choose a big brand.

Its main features are:

(1) Easy to carry, because the in-ear headphones are very small, so it is more convenient to carry them around.

(2) The sound insulation effect is good. Since the earphone is close to the external ear canal, it can better isolate external noise. The volume does not need to be too large, because the closed cavity has a certain effect of increasing the sound quality.

(3) It is not easy to fall off, the in-ear headphones are more secure in wearing, and it is not easy to fall off even after strenuous exercise, which is more suitable for sports.

(4) You can also share music with others, or you can use a two-point headphone cable, which is very suitable for couples to use, which can retain the ambiguous atmosphere while ensuring the sound quality of the music.

3. Hanging earphone

Most of these headphones are sports headphones, which are relatively firm to wear and suitable for listening to music during sports, but they will be a little uncomfortable when worn for a long time. Most sports ear-hook headphones are waterproof, and many wireless earphones use ear-hook design, which can effectively reduce the auscultation effect.

Headband Headphone

Headband Headphone

4. Headband Headphone

The earliest damage to the ear is the headphone. This kind of earphone does not need to be inserted into the ear, so it will not cause damage to the ear and the eardrum. The sound field performance of the headphones is good, and the wearing comfort is also very good.

The main features of the headset are:

(1) The sound field will be better because the entire ear is wrapped by the headphones. The brand-name headphones can even bring a speaker-like effect.

(2) Since the sound source of the headphones is a certain distance from the external ear canal, the earphones do not enter the ear, which avoids scratching the external ear canal.

(3) Longer listening time compared to in-ear headphones.

However, the biggest disadvantage of this headset is that it is very inconvenient to carry. If you choose portability, you don't need to consider the headset.

The above are the characteristics of the headset introduced by the Headband Bluetooth Headphone Supplier.

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