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Bluetooth Headset Sound Quality Is Not Good? These Standard Thresholds Cannot Be Ignored

Jun. 28, 2020

Today, the true Bluetooth headset is bad, except for the price that is almost the same, have you noticed the product features other than wireless? When does every wireless Bluetooth headset say that it is true wireless Bluetooth, who is your one?

An unusually popular TWS headset, TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo, meaning true wireless stereo. The implementation of this technology is based on the development of chip technology. Wired headphones can now get rid of the line and become wireless headphones! Technically speaking, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the master speaker through the master speaker, and then the master speaker is connected to the slave speaker through the Bluetooth wireless method, so as to realize the real Bluetooth wireless separation of the left and right channels.

There is no traditional physical wire for TWS earphones. The left and right earphones form a stereo system via Bluetooth, and the mobile phone can be connected to a receiving end. This receiving end will divide the stereo into another receiving end through wireless transmission to form a stereo system.

In September 2016, Apple released the first generation of AirPods, opening the era of wireless headphones, TWS headphones ushered in unprecedented development opportunities.

From the perspective of market share, Apple's TWS headset is in a leading position. According to data from market research agency Counterpoint Research, Apple's market share in the third quarter of 2019 accounted for 45% of Apple's single quarter, which is significantly ahead of other manufacturers. Headphone shipments can reach 120 million units, a year-on-year increase of 160%. TWS headset shipments in 2020 are likely to exceed 200 million units. When a large number of manufacturers and products are condensed online at prices such as 99 yuan/199 yuan, in addition to the brand, have you paid attention to those technologies that affect the experience of using TWS headphones?

The Bluetooth audio decoding format that determines the sound quality experience. In many TWS headset product introductions, many times you can see the selling point of "supporting AptX audio decoding". In fact, Apt-X, SBC, AAC, LDAC are the main Bluetooth technology. There are centralized audio decoding formats.

X13 tws earbuds high-end mental body with digital display

X13 tws earbuds high-end mental body with digital display

If the bit rate is from low to high, it should be SBC >ACC>APTX>LDAC, where APTX is CSR’s patented encoding algorithm. After being acquired by Qualcomm, APTX has been promoted in Android phones. With such a high transmission speed, it becomes possible to transmit lossless music. Of course, this near-private protocol transmission format also leads to only a small number of compatible devices. Understanding the decoding format can help us better choose products. For consumers with slightly higher sound quality, APTX is enough to meet everyone's needs, and if you want to really get lossless audio, LDAC is probably what you want to chase.

With the help of the noise reduction function, the experience of using TWS headphones is getting better and better. In addition to the powerful audio decoding performance, the noise reduction function is also very important. CVC and DSP are the two most common noise reduction functions of TWS headphones. DSP is an abbreviation of English (digital signal processing). Its working principle: the microphone collects external ambient noise, and then generates a Reverse sound waves with equal external noise will cancel the noise and achieve a better noise reduction effect.

After understanding these technical features, we can choose the corresponding products according to different application needs. I believe that the friends will not be confused when they see the selling point of Running TWS Wireless Earphone technology again.If you want to buy a Sports Wireless Earphone, please contact us Sports Wireless Earphone Manufacturer.

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