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What Is A True Wireless Bluetooth Headset?

Oct. 09, 2019

Find here details of China TWS True Wireless Earphone on our website. Today we would like to talk about what is a true wireless bluetooth headset.

Maybe some friends will feel confused. What is the difference between “Bluetooth Headset” and “Wireless Headset”? Many friends will say that many Bluetooth headsets are wireless, but the traditional in-ear Bluetooth headset has cables on both sides. The transmission of audio signals. In other words, the units on both sides of the in-ear Bluetooth headset with cable can work at the same time, just like a Bluetooth Speaker, the in-ear Bluetooth headset can be transmitted through the cable, so that the ears on both sides are stably synchronized, but only The line of headphones and audio is eliminated.

China TWS True Wireless Earphone

China TWS True Wireless Earphone

As a Fashion Wireless Earphone Factory, we know that the true wireless Bluetooth headset represented by AirPods is further reduced, and it also means different working principles. True wireless Bluetooth headsets will have separate primary and secondary headsets. When connecting, you need a transmitting device (mobile phone, tablet, music player with Bluetooth output, etc.) to connect with the main headset first, and then connect with the secondary headset after confirming the connection. The connection is complete before it works.

That is to say, compared with the traditional "wireless earphone", the connection of the true wireless earphone is not only the signal transmission between the earphone and the signal transmitting device, but also the wireless connection between the primary and secondary earphones. Compared with the traditional "wireless headset", the true wireless headset structure is more complicated, the transmission requirements are high, the power consumption is larger, and the Bluetooth headset, these elements will have a more obvious impact on the final sound effect. The common phenomenon is: the true wireless headset sound quality will be better than The same price Bluetooth headset is slightly worse. Since there are many interference factors, why do you want to make a true wireless headset?

Traditional in-ear Bluetooth headsets have a wire that connects them, which makes them physically disconnected from the source, but the wires between the two headphones still cause some interference when worn. A typical example: Especially in sports where the body needs exercise, traditional Bluetooth headsets can't handle the “auscultation effect”. Of course, it is not limited to this, and the middle line is also missing. For the gameplay and user freedom, the true wireless headset will bring about a significant improvement in this part of the experience.

But there is a problem with the true wireless Bluetooth headset.

In this case, I believe that there will still be many manufacturers to follow up with the launch of TWS products. The market that is more interested in this product form may be abroad, perhaps the comparing the effects of the original in-ear Bluetooth headset, the problem to be faced is really not so good.

In the audio circle, there is a popular saying, "Play HiFi first to play electricity." "Electricity" for Bluetooth headsets is not only related to the endurance problem, but also means that it can provide enough power to support the normal operation of the internal circuit. In addition to the original signal receiving module and the decoding and amplifying portion, the true wireless earphone has a circuit connecting the primary and secondary earphones. The three parts work at the same time, and the requirements for the battery are also increased accordingly. Therefore, we can all see that the current wireless headsets will not last too long in a single use time, most of them are about two hours, and basically must be used with the storage box containing the battery to ensure enough battery life. time.

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