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How To Connect A Wireless Bluetooth Headset To A Mobile Phone?

Aug. 20, 2020

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a mobile phone? How can I do not search for a Bluetooth headset? The mobile phone cannot search for a Bluetooth headset. When many friends first contact the Bluetooth headset, they will find out how to connect with the mobile phone. I didn't understand the instructions. The following Headband Bluetooth Headphone Supplier will give you a solution to the problem of not finding a Bluetooth headset.

The first time I use a Bluetooth headset, how do I connect my Bluetooth headset to my mobile phone?

1. Under normal circumstances, when the Bluetooth headset enters the pairing state, you only need to keep pressing the power button for 10 seconds or so. The headset will switch from off to on and then into the pairing state. The performance is the headphone indicator (long light). . Then use your phone to search for Bluetooth settings and you will find your headset.

2. The factory settings of some headphones are more complicated. Some of them should be turned on before turning on the headphones, then press + and - at the same time for about 10 seconds. At this time, the indicator light will flash alternately red and green, so that you can use your mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices. And some are after the headset is turned on, while holding down the power button and the + number for about 10 seconds, the other steps are the same as ordinary headphones.

3. After the headset enters the pairing, the mobile phone should search for the Bluetooth device. Generally, the mobile phone can search for the headset in about 5 seconds, then select the Bluetooth headset device you found on the mobile phone, and the mobile phone will prompt you to enter the password. Most mobile phone passwords are 0000 or 1234, but some are specially set by the manufacturer. There will be detailed records in your headset manual.

4. When the phone searches for the headset and you also enter the password correctly, it is not that your phone can use the Bluetooth headset to answer the call. Nowadays, many mobile phones need to connect with the headset after finding the Bluetooth device. If your mobile phone is not connected to the headset in the settings, you can't answer the call. Of course, there are also mobile phones, you do not need to connect the headphones, as long as the pairing is successful, the phone will be very intelligent to connect the headphones.

Comfortable Wireless Earphone

Comfortable Wireless Earphone

Bluetooth headset connection method

When we use the Comfortable Wireless Earphone for the first time, open the mobile phone Bluetooth program, select -- paired device -- option --- new paired device -- OK, while holding the headset's switch key for 5 seconds (in the off headset) In the case of a power supply, the headset will enter the pairing state. If the phone finds the headset, connect the headset and set it as an authorized device.

First of all, when you get the Bluetooth headset, first turn on the Bluetooth headset, the general Bluetooth headset has a switch key and a MODE button, N3 is not open key, it is by long press the MODE button switch. This is not the point. The key point is that all Bluetooth headsets will blink continuously after being turned on. The indicator light is blue for normal operation. At this time, you must press and hold the MODE button, and press the indicator. Keeping the blue state all the time, that is, the indicator light is not flashing, but the light is long. Only at this time, the Bluetooth headset can be searched, so that you can search for the Bluetooth headset.

After you set the Bluetooth headset to be searchable, turn on the Bluetooth of the phone, follow the normal method of using Bluetooth transmission, "search for more devices", search for a while, and a device that identifies "Bluetooth headset model" will appear. , open the mobile phone Bluetooth program, select -- paired device -- option --- new paired device -- determine, while holding down the headset's on-off key for 5 seconds (in the case of headset power off), the headset will enter the pairing state If the phone finds the headset (if the code is 0000 at the same time), connect the headset and set it as an authorized device. In addition, the Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Supplier tells you that the speaker connection is also this method.

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