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Headphone Maintenance, Do You Really Understand?

Oct. 22, 2019

Nowadays, people's pursuit of high quality and good sound is getting higher and higher, and we often spend a lot of money to buy various high quality headphones. When we bought the headphones, we began to highlight some problems, such as wire wear, how to clean, how to take advantage of the machine and so on. If the earphones are carefully maintained by the user, the time of use will be extended.

Below we as a Sports Wireless Earphone Manufacturer to introduce the most basic common sense of headset maintenance, I hope that friends in the daily life can understand the basic common sense of these headphones to better protect their headphones.

Sports Wireless Earphone

Sports Wireless Earphone

1, the volume of the headphones must be controlled

This can be said to be the most common mistake for users who use headphones, because many users like to turn the volume of the headphones to the maximum, so that although listening is more enjoyable, but the damage to the ear is the greatest, it will also cause a certain impact on the diaphragm. In the case of serious damage, the voice coil will be burned and the inevitable loss will be caused.

2, away from strong magnetic fields and humid environment

This is the most basic knowledge of using headphones. Strong magnetic fields can cause certain damage to the sensitivity of the headphones, which can cause non-negligible damage to the sound quality of the headphones. The wet environment will cause the earphone unit pad to rust, and the earphone will have a serious partial sound, so this friend should also pay attention.

3, the wire of the headset must pay attention to protection

It is like rubbing the sweat on the earphone cord in time after sweating normally, otherwise it will cause some corrosion to the wire of the earphone, and try to stay away from the fireworks when using the earphone, whether it is burnt the wire or the ear shell. The loss is absolutely irreparable. In addition, for the maintenance of wired headsets, because the temperature in winter is low, this lower temperature will make the headphone cable more fragile. If you don’t pay attention, it will break and other conditions. If you use the headphones outside, you will enter. In a warm indoor, this change in temperature difference will cause the aging of the headphone wire and unit. Then if you want to save this step more conveniently, you can choose a Comfortable Wireless Headset, so there is no problem with the abrasion and aging of the headset cable.

4, plug and insert need to pay attention to avoid unilateral sound problems

Some friends have encountered problems with the unilateral sound of the headphones when they use the headphones everyday. This is most likely caused by loose solder joints caused by pulling the wire while pulling the plug. In fact, although the wire connecting the earphone to the plug has a fixed layer, the inside is still very weak. Therefore, when plugging and unplugging, pay attention to holding the plug by hand and then inserting and removing it to avoid this situation.

5, do not force the wire

Do not use a tough way to fold the wire of the earphone when storing, which will cause the skin of the earphone wire to crack, etc., or cause some damage to the internal wire of the earphone, resulting in the earphone not ringing.

After talking about the daily maintenance of the headphones, how should the headphones be cleaned up?

Let's talk about in-ear earphones. When cleaning these earplugs, it is best to use a cotton swab to drip alcohol to clean them. This can eliminate the bacteria and clean the dirt in the earplugs. If not, you can use clean water to clean, but it is worth noting that whether you use alcohol or clean water, you must wait until the earplugs are completely dry before placing them on the earbuds to prevent the earplugs from entering the water.

If it is a Foldable Headband Headphone, since there is no in-ear earplug sleeve, there is less dirt, but daily listening will leave marks on the earmuffs that are difficult to clean, such as the earmuffs. Then, wipe it with a disinfectant or the like, or wipe it with a paper towel after wiping with a watering can.

I hope this article can help you in the maintenance of headphones!

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