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Headphones and In-ear Headphones

Feb. 13, 2020

For those who like to listen to music, headphones are very important devices. After studying, turning on your mobile phone or computer, closing your eyes and placing yourself in the music world, this is really a good way to relieve fatigue. However, there are many types of headphones on the market. What exactly is suitable for you? To this end, TWS Wireless Earphone Factory has specially compiled the advantages and disadvantages of headphones and in-ear headphones to help you choose the right one for you. headset.


1. Headphone

Headband Headphone is the headset worn on the head. This kind of earphones are mostly used in computers, and its sound quality and price are relatively high. The advantage is that the sound field is good and comfortable, and it will not scratch the ear canal when worn outside the ear. Longer listening time than in-ear earbuds. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not convenient to carry and consumes more power than in-ear headphones. Some headphones do not perform well with bass, the main reason is that the sound unit reduces costs. Some headsets have powerful accents, but they require computer CDs and other device drivers, and the mp3 driver has no bass effect.

 Headband Headphone

Headband Headphone

2. In-ear headphones

Also called in-ear headphones, in-ear earbuds. Sometimes people call it earplugs widely. It is a kind of earphone which is used inside the human hearing organ, which will close the ear canal of the user when in use. Usually these headphones are marked with L and R, L is left

The first letter of the letter indicates the left ear canal, and R is the right letter of the right ear canal. In-ear headphones are easy to carry. On the basis of ordinary headphones, it is inserted into the ear canal with a gel plug, which has better airtightness than ordinary headphones, which greatly increases the performance of the headphones. After all, plug the ears while listening to music. Already. Compared to headphones, it also has the advantage of saving power, and ordinary MP3 can drive. However, the shortcomings of this kind of earphones are also obvious, that is, the hearing damage is more serious.


3. Choice of headphones

From a health point of view, it is still recommended to use headphones. In-ear style has an impact on hearing, and it can be worn for more than half an hour at a time. In summary, if you use low-power electronics. If you are looking for sound quality, it is recommended to use headphones on your computer. After all, the sound scale is still natural, and it is far behind the earphones. But simply considering convenience and sound insulation, in-ear headphones are definitely the first choice.


4. Purchase of headphones

With regard to the purchase of headphones, you can buy them online or choose a physical store. If you buy online, you need to pay attention to the matching problem of the headset. Be sure to pay attention to whether the headphones you buy can match the equipment you need. On the Internet, you can see a lot of cheap headphones, and some are just a few yuan. Although the use of such headphones is not a big problem, because of the low cost, there will definitely be insufficient details and longevity.


Finally, Sports Wireless Earphone Manufacturer also wants to remind everyone that no matter what type of headphones are used, long-term use will definitely affect hearing, and try to lower the volume when using headphones. Also, when using in-ear headphones, pay attention to the cleaning of the earbuds. If you feel ear pain when wearing them, check whether the earbuds are too large. Of course, the music is good, and you need to have a degree when wearing headphones. After all, hearing damage is difficult to recover.

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