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How Can I Buy a Good Headset?

Mar. 19, 2020

Now that handheld entertainment is getting richer and richer, auxiliary equipment is essential to enjoy the thrill of entertainment anytime, anywhere. If you want to fully enjoy in a noisy environment, then wearing a headset is a very good choice. Among the headsets, it is a headset, which has strong wrapping properties and better noise reduction. It can well eliminate noise and allow yourself Dive into the world of entertainment. Follow the Fashion Wireless Earphone Factory today to see how you can choose a good headset.

1. Wearing comfort

First of all, the headset is worn on the head, so let's not talk about the sound quality and hardware. The wearing comfort is the first consideration. Long-term listening is the prerequisite for good headsets. Since the headphone must be fixed and balanced by the head beam, compared to the simple wearing method of the in-ear and ear-hook headphones, the wearing comfort of the headphones is more important. If even wearing headphones is a sin, it might as well not be good.

One of the points that affects the wearing comfort of the Headband Headphone is the material of the earmuffs. Generally, in the low-end products, due to cost reasons, more earmuffs are made of artificial materials, which are the worst in terms of softness, skin-friendliness, and breathability; while the other is a bit more high-quality It is commonly known as velvet fluff. It is a type of woven mesh structure that has good touch and breathability, but it will become difficult to clean and reduce durability after absorbing sweat. The better material should be real leather, which is delicate, breathable, and skin-friendly, which is the ideal material for most people.

In addition to the material of the earmuffs, another factor is the structure of the headset. The structure of the headset is usually one of the promotional methods for manufacturers to promote the headset. For example, portable headsets will be light and foldable, and high-quality headsets will emphasize that the material of the shell of the headset affects the diaphragm sound. Therefore, before choosing, you need to weigh the weight problems and earmuff materials caused by the structure of the earphones. Especially for enthusiasts who can audition in the field, it is better to consider this first.

Headband Headphone

Headband Headphone

2. Pay attention to the headphone unit

Except for a few flat earphones and electrostatic earphones, most headsets use moving coils as the main unit material. This results in the same as speakers, as long as there are different components such as different diaphragms, voice coils, magnets, wires, etc., and because the internal space of the headset is limited, some headset manufacturers will change different The diaphragm material improves sound quality. Commonly, PVC materials are used, and there will be regular wrinkles on the diaphragm to improve high-frequency extension and suppress segmentation vibration. Some manufacturers will also choose to plate metal materials, which will improve the low-frequency dive and sound field.

In addition, the size of the unit is also related. Based on physical principles, the larger the diaphragm size, the flatter the bass curve and the better its extensibility, and the overall sound will show a better texture. Generally, the size of the diaphragm of the headphone is 30-40mm, while the higher quality products are 50mm or larger.

3. Closed and open

The last is about choosing closed or open, two different structured headsets, the sound characteristics of which are completely different. The closed structure will provide sufficient reflected air pressure, which can reduce the sound leakage and achieve the effect of passive sound insulation when showing a sufficient sense of low-frequency volume. The open structure will easily create a loose and natural hearing sense because there is no pressure, and the low frequency will naturally be less and there will be sound leakage.

So before choosing these two different structured headsets, you need to start from the actual needs of everyone, such as sports and commuting needs, you should try to choose closed and semi-closed or directly select Sports Wireless Earphone; in private If the space is listening carefully, it is recommended to choose the open style.

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