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How to Buy an F6 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone?

Mar. 23, 2020

With the development of information technology, Bluetooth technology has surpassed wired technology in some areas. It is obvious that people are using Bluetooth headsets more often in their lives. In the headset market, the purchase rate of Bluetooth headsets is higher than that of wired headsets.

TWS is an abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo. It is a technology that connects terminal equipment and audio equipment. It is the medium to which terminal equipment and audio equipment are connected. The Running TWS Wireless Earphone works by transmitting the signal from the mobile phone to the right ear headset and then processing the data to the left ear headset. F6 wireless Bluetooth headset is a type of product produced by our TWS wireless headset factory, let's take a look below:

1. Sound quality

F6 wireless Bluetooth headset is a type of product produced by our TWS wireless headset factory. Its Bluetooth version is v5.0, which is the new Bluetooth version currently. It supports Bluetooth transmission and decoding. Compared with ordinary wired headsets, the sound quality is basically the same. Super Mini charging case. The F6 wireless Bluetooth headset also supports dual-channel high-definition calls, and a built-in noise-reduction microphone eliminates environmental noise and enables clear calls in noisy crowds.

2. Endurance

Everyone needs to charge a lot every day now. For example, mobile phones, power banks, etc. Bluetooth headsets, like mobile phones, need to be charged for use. Because there are many daily affairs, you can choose long battery life, or the split type, there is a charging box, you can charge as you go. The F6 Wireless Earphone can be your choice. It has an ultra-mini charging box, which supports longe battery life, and the battery life of both ears can reach 4-5 hours. The charging box is equipped with a 350mAH capacity battery, which supports long-term use. Fast charging can be achieved, and charging takes only two hours. The charging case is packed in textured leather for a comfortable touch. Exquisite shape, small size, easy to carry. The opening and closing area support magnetic suction, which is convenient and convenient to use.

3. Color

In order to facilitate the user's purchase, we have designed four colors for users to choose: black, white, pink, blue. Among them, the black F6 wireless Bluetooth headset has the highest purchase rate. Compared with other colors, users prefer to buy the Black F6 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone. The analysis reason may be that the glossy surface of the product is more obvious on the black F6 wireless Bluetooth headset. Loved by all ages, especially the younger generation.


F6 wireless headphones are modeled after invisible earplugs and are glossy, it is the most portable and easy to carry. The price of this model is very good. The price positioning of this Bluetooth headset is very close to the people. It is an inexpensive product that allows you to enjoy high quality at low prices.

The above is the method for purchasing F6 wireless Bluetooth headset, I hope to help you a little.

F6 Wireless Earphone

F6 Wireless Earphone

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