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How to Buy TWS Bluetooth Headset?

Mar. 08, 2020

TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo, which is what we often call "True Wireless". It is a Bluetooth technology that realizes the connection between terminal equipment and audio equipment. TWS technology is a kind of Bluetooth technology that connects terminal equipment and audio equipment. Generally speaking, the Bluetooth signal is transmitted from the mobile phone to the right ear headset, and then processed to the left ear headset after data processing, thus replacing the Wired connection.

TWS (True Wireless) Bluetooth headsets are more and more popular for their lightweight and convenient features. With the continuous update of Bluetooth technology, there is a bold force that will replace wired headsets. So in the face of a variety of TWS Bluetooth headset brands, how to choose? In this regard, since we are TWS Wireless Earphone Factory, I will tell you the three TWS Bluetooth headset purchase tips for your reference:

1. Bluetooth stability is better, the chip and Bluetooth version are important

We also mentioned above that TWS itself is a Bluetooth connection technology, so when choosing a TWS Bluetooth headset, you must choose Bluetooth with good stability. What kind of Bluetooth headset has good stability? The best Bluetooth technology is the solution of Bluetooth 5.0, so the easiest way is to look at the Bluetooth chip version. Of course, the solution that can be equipped with Qualcomm's QCC series will make the delay rate lower. Some manufacturers also have their own Bluetooth black technology to improve Bluetooth performance. You can pay attention to these.

2, wear comfortable

The TWS Wireless Earphone is used to wear on the ear, and the ear is a sensitive part. If you don't feel comfortable wearing it, you may want to take it off in minutes, and how to use it, so wearing comfort is very important. There are currently two different in-ear design structures on the market, one is an in-ear design and the other is a semi-in-ear design. In theory, the in-ear design will be more stable, and physical sound insulation can be performed to a certain extent, so the sound quality experience will be better, while the semi-in-ear design will be more comfortable. However, everyone's auricles are different, it is best to try it, and the one that suits you is the most comfortable.

TWS Wireless Earphone

TWS Wireless Earphone

3.Strong battery life

It is really a test of technology to ensure that the size and weight of the Bluetooth headset are as light as possible, and to ensure superb battery life. Therefore, if you encounter a particularly strong endurance, light weight and small Bluetooth headset really can be considered. Because the Bluetooth headset with strong endurance is more convenient to use, you do n’t have to worry about running out of power when you don’t have to watch it, and you do n’t have to watch a movie before you have no fun. At present, the Bluetooth headset with the strongest single battery life on the market is 10 hours.

The above is the Sports Wireless Earphone supplier's method for purchasing TWS Bluetooth headsets. Hope to help everyone.

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