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How to Choose Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers?

Mar. 03, 2020

As people's needs continue to increase, various types of speakers have also added Bluetooth chips to directly get rid of the control of the cable, and the volume is very small, making it easy for users to carry when going out. But now that there are so many types of Bluetooth speakers on the market, if you want strong speaker performance and high cost performance, how can we choose the right one for you? The Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Supplier will tell you below.

Most music enthusiasts choose to carry a Bluetooth speaker when they go out for outdoor activities, and the speaker is inevitably encountered some bumps when compared to home, especially when riding and driving. Speakers hurt more. So when buying a Bluetooth speaker, many people will pay special attention to the protection function of the Bluetooth speaker itself:

1.Waterproof performance

Most electronics on the market are indicated by IPXX. The first "X" represents the dustproof level of the device itself, and the second "X" represents the waterproof level of the device. When it comes to waterproofing, there is another misunderstanding. Most people don't know the difference between waterproofing and splashing. In fact, IP4 only reaches the level of splash resistance. IP5 and above are truly waterproof. Only speakers with IP7 and above can be directly immersed in water, so you can choose Outdoor Waterproof IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker.

Outdoor Waterproof IPX7  Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Waterproof IPX7  Bluetooth Speaker

2.Dustproof performance

At present, many Bluetooth speakers are only waterproof and not dustproof, so the number of dustproof levels is directly omitted. But for outdoor Bluetooth speakers, dustproof performance is also very important, because in the outdoor environment, the entry of dust may affect the sound quality and the life of the speaker. Most of the dust level below IP5X can only prevent the entry of large particles. Only speakers above IP6X can completely prevent dust from entering. Therefore, for outdoor Bluetooth speakers, you must choose speakers with an IP5X dustproof level or higher to better adapt to the outdoor environment.

3. Anti-fall performance

Most users will inevitably encounter bumps when using Bluetooth speakers outdoors. Most Bluetooth speakers are small and fragile, and they are likely to break when they are dropped. Nowadays, the anti-fall design of some Bluetooth speakers on the market can be said to be very intimate. The more common anti-fall protection method is to use a relatively soft shell material directly, which can also play a good buffer function when the device falls.

TWS Wireless Earphone Factory recommends that for enthusiasts who need outdoor sports, Bluetooth speakers with waterproof, dustproof, and anti-fall functions are still very popular. After all, it is easy to encounter water and dust when used outdoors. IP56 The above waterproof and dustproof level can meet the needs of most enthusiasts. If you can ensure that you are careful not to bump the speakers, you can also choose not to choose a speaker with a drop-resistant design, but for most people, it is necessary to choose a Bluetooth speaker with a drop-resistant design.

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