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How To Choose Sports Headphones?

Dec. 02, 2019

Whether to wear headphones while running has been controversial. Some are against it, and some are in favour. I myself prefer to wear headphones during sports, because most sports will be preferred indoors, and secondly in the park, the factors of insecurity are relatively small. Furthermore, I'm not a professional athlete. I don't need to train or worry about music. It's really hard to say that it doesn't hurt the headphones. As long as the volume control is good, it won't hurt the hearing. So the question is, with so many headphones on the market, how can you choose a suitable sports headset? The Sports Wireless Earphone Factory is here for you to analyze briefly, and to list a few of your own experience, I hope to help you.

First, stability-the degree of fit with the ear

As a sports headset, the first choice is of course the Bluetooth headset. After all, traditional wire-controlled headsets are really inconvenient to wear. Therefore, stability is the first assessment requirement for sports headphones. Like ordinary in-ear headphones, it is difficult to meet the stability required for sports by friction alone, so most sports headphones will write in the auricle, and they will design the shape of the cavity based on artificial stereology, or there is an ear hook. Either there is another support point on the inside of the auricle.

This is to ensure the stability of the headset. After all, it is not as easy to walk as usual when walking, and the probability of the headset falling is relatively large. If it falls too easily, it will affect the user experience. Especially the wireless bluetooth earphones that are particularly popular at present, so the mini one is hard to find if you drop it. Therefore, it is better to buy professional sports earphones, and the stability is guaranteed.

Sweatproof Sports Wireless Earphone

Sweatproof Sports Wireless Earphone

Second, comfort-own weight, earmuff size

For example, when running, the head will have certain ups and downs, so the headset must be light, the weight will be too high, the stability will be reduced, and then it will be too heavy, and the head will bear an excess of gravity, and the comfort will be greatly reduced. For greater comfort, simply skip the traditional remote and hood-type headphones, it is recommended to use open true wireless Bluetooth headphones or bone conduction headphones, and of course, the in-ear Sports Wireless Earphone.

Generally, bone conduction headphones are affixed above the jawbone, which transmits sound by vibration, and must have a rechargeable battery, so it is heavier than ordinary Bluetooth headphones. However, because bone conduction headphones do not need to be inserted into the ear canal, plus its vibration has a massage effect, the comfort is still very high.

Third, waterproof performance-determine the life of the headset

In fact, the waterproof performance also represents the ability to prevent sweat. Generally, we sweat when we exercise. Some friends who sweat a lot may sweat like dripping water. In addition, sweat and rainwater are acidic. This liquid easily erodes the hardware and materials of the headphones, which greatly affects the life of the headphones. Therefore, the waterproofness of sports headphones is also an important assessment standard, you can choose Sweatproof Sports Wireless Earphone.

Fourth, sound insulation effect-for the sake of safety, sound insulation should not be too good

For the choice of sports headphones, everyone has a more tangled is the sound insulation effect. Friends who are more concerned about sound quality, of course, prefer sound insulation better, and they can fully feel the sound details. However, some friends value safety more. If the sound insulation is too good, running outdoors will not hear the danger prompts of the surrounding environment, and it is easy to cause accidents. So they are more assured of headphones with ordinary sound insulation, because listening to songs in a quiet environment still has no effect.

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