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How to Compare and Choose Wireless Sports Headphones?

Feb. 27, 2020

With the development of technology, headset products have moved from wired to wireless era, especially in the past two years. With the development of battery technology, wireless headsets have developed to a truly wireless stage, that is, there is no Connected. This kind of wireless headset has more advantages, so it is becoming more and more popular. Many brands have several models to choose from, so how to choose a suitable one for you? The following is a brief description of the Headband Headphone Manufacturer for those who need it.

1. Pick from appearance. At present, true wireless earphones are divided according to shape. The broad category is the same as the wired earphones. A handle is extended under the sounding unit but not connected; another type is relatively rare, hanging on the auricle through a pendant, which appears to be more complicated in structure.

Different aesthetic abilities and different brands are pursued. If performance and function are not taken into consideration, then you can choose your favorite according to appearance.

2. Select from functions. True wireless headsets are connected to mobile phones through Bluetooth, so using the headset to make and receive calls is a necessary function, and many of them can be used to perform operations such as answering, hanging up, and refusing to touch the headset. But some headsets can only answer calls on a single side. Moreover, some earphones also have touch functions on one side, or have limited functions. And some brands of two headphones can be used completely independently, all operations are the same, more competitive, be sure to understand when choosing.

3. Pick from standby time. Because it is a Sports Wireless Earphone, the battery usage and standby time are very important. Without power, you can't listen at all. Therefore, it is wise to choose a headset that has been used for a long time and can provide additional power. When most true wireless headphones are full, they can play music for more than 4 hours and less than 8 hours. Some charging boxes can provide one extra full charge, while others can provide two extra full charges, so be careful when choosing.

Sports Wireless Earphone

Sports Wireless Earphone

4. Choose from the ability to reduce noise. Because we wear a lot of headphones on the road, or transportation, so the surrounding noise is relatively large, if the headphones can have a good noise reduction function, it is very satisfactory. At present, I know that only some brands have two models of headphones with active noise reduction, so people who need noise reduction must choose them carefully.

5. Pick from waterproof level. It is also necessary to be able to prevent dust and water when wearing headphones when exercising. True wireless headphones have a battery in the body, so this is even more important. At present, most headphones can be waterproof above level 4, which is resistant to sweat and rain. Some sports earphones are waterproof and can reach level 6 and can resist high pressure and large amounts of water intrusion, which is more competitive.

6. Choose from being able to guide fitness. Because many people wear wireless headphones just for running or fitness, because there is no cable, exercise is very convenient. If the headset has the function of fitness guidance, it can record data such as running, or it can prompt the fitness status in real time, which is the best. Therefore, those who need it in this regard can focus on the choice.

The above is the advice given by Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker supplier, I hope to help everyone.

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