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Do You Know How To Judge The Quality Of Headphones?

Sep. 01, 2020

When choosing a headset, we will see subwoofer, XXX audio technology, SQ high-definition sound quality, noise reduction mode, high-fidelity experience, etc. Do you feel that these words are very strange, but basically do not understand what is being said? Today, China Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker manufacturers come to tell you how to judge the sound quality of headphones. In addition to the sound quality judgment, what other earphone related knowledge should you know?

Sound quality is almost a standard that must be considered when purchasing headphones. The earphone with excellent sound quality not only has a high degree of sound reproduction, but also can bring music that enjoys the body and mind. It is not tired for a long time, and there is no feeling of exhaustion. Just look at whether the tri-band is balanced. The frequency of the sound that the human ear can generally hear is 20HZ (low frequency) ~ 20000HZ (high frequency). Although people can't hear more than this range, they can be perceived by the body. Therefore, some small partners believe that the wider the audio range (frequency response range) provided by the headphones, the better the sound quality of the headphones.

In fact, it is not the case. Compared with the frequency response range, when the headphones reproduce sound, whether the performance of the tri-band (high-frequency, medium-frequency, low-frequency) is balanced is the most important criterion for judging the sound quality of the headphones. For example, the classic earphones, the ER4, have a frequency range of 20HZ-16000Hz, which is smaller than the range of many headphones on the market today, but this does not affect the excellent balance of the tri-band and the resulting Excellent sound quality experience.

In the tri-band, the low frequency can be understood as the feeling of the subwoofer. The earphone sound quality is high-quality low-frequency, deep dive, texture and does not feel the squeaky discomfort of the head. The Sennheiser MX500 earphones with a price of only more than 100 pieces are due to their texture and low sound. They are still regarded as classics by many enthusiasts after the production is stopped. The high-frequency (high-pitched) part of the headphones is well-extended, delicate and not harsh. It shows that the high-frequency sound quality is very good; on the basis of the first two points, the high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency headphones are clearly distinguished, and the excessive and fusion are very natural. The sound quality of this earphone is absolutely high.

In addition to judging the sound quality, we can also refer to the following points when choosing headphones:

1, appearance

Choose according to your personal preferences and suitability. In addition to materials, color and other factors, some small partners like Headband Headphone, some like in-ear headphones, earbuds, and the preference for the appearance of headphones has sometimes become a more important choice than sound quality.

2, the earphone cable is not as long as possible

Nowadays, the common in-ear headphones often have a so-called [stethoscope effect] during use: due to the shaking of the earphone cord, the earplugs are shaken, which may cause uncomfortable friction sound. In general, the longer the line of the in-ear headphones, the more likely this frictional sound will be produced.

Therefore, many small partners feel that the longer the earphone cable, the better, buy 2 meters, or even 3 meters long, it is very likely to lead to the flexibility and comfort of the headset is not satisfactory.

3, high degree of reduction, clear sound field

Good headphone sound quality, the degree of sound reduction is very high: the closer to the natural sound, the better the sound quality of the headphones. The high-reduction sound, the small partners do not easily cause fatigue when using headphones for a long time, which is the HIFI-quality sound that we often mention.

X9 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

X9 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

At the same time, whether the sound field is clear or not is also an important criterion for judging the sound quality of headphones. When listening to songs with headphones, if the vocals and music (accompaniment) can be clearly distinguished, and the position of the music can be clearly distinguished, it means that the sound field of the headphones is clear and the sound quality is good. Therefore, headphones with excellent sound quality cannot be judged by price, appearance (line length), product parameters (frequency response range, etc.), and the judgment based on factors such as tri-band, sound field, and reduction degree is the most judged. important.

4, the choice of a specific type of headphones

For small partners who drive a lot, wireless Bluetooth headsets are definitely a must-have. Compared with wired headsets, the choice of wireless Bluetooth headsets should be more considering the convenience of control and the battery life.

Professional Fitness Wireless Earphone will add a lot to the passion of the little friends. When choosing a sports headset, the stability of the headset, including the stability of the received signal, and whether the wearing is comfortable and stable is very important.

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