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Portable Bluetooth Wireless Headset Style

Sep. 16, 2019

Get rid of the  shackles of the headphone cable, wireless, convenient, free is its advantage, a  high-quality wireless headset, can bring you the ultimate enjoyment. Do you  still remember the desperation of the headphone cord that was once twisted into  twists? This kind of day is getting farther and farther away from us. With the  development of Bluetooth technology and the improvement of endurance, all kinds  of wireless headphones are rushing into the public's field of vision. There is  no need to connect the mobile phone every time, and there is no need to worry  about sacrificing sound quality. The ultimate freedom of listening. The  experience is entering everyone's life. Passionate music is like a stimulant  that is always full of energy, and it is difficult to maintain the usual action,  which can be easily accomplished with music. Entering the gym you will find that  every fitness person wears a Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Headset Style

Headband Wireless  Earphones

The styles of  wireless earphones mainly include three types: binaural independent wireless  earphones, neck-mounted wireless earphones, and Headband Wireless  Earphones.


This type is a  variant of the common in-ear Bluetooth headset, and the connection between the  ears is simply made into a neck-hanging shape that hangs around the neck.  Compared to the same in-ear headphones, this neck-mounted product looks  obviously cooler. Compared with the common in-ear style, the shape is more  varied, the function is more powerful, the battery life is stronger, and the  price is not more expensive than the common in-ear headphones of the same type,  but remind you that most of these products are not too suitable for  running.

Binaural  independent

The new category  created by Apple has quickly spread across the country. In addition to Apple  AirPods, these other types of headphones are divided into primary and secondary  ears. When used alone, only one earphone can be used, and many products only  have one ear when they answer the phone, which is slightly cute. The shortcoming  is that the life time of such headphones is generally urgent, such as AirPods  only 5 hours, and products like Sony noise reduction beans, only 3  hours.

Headband  wireless headset

Compared with  the small in-ear headphones that Asians prefer, these headphones are more rugged  in European and American styles, such as the well-known Beats. Because the  headphones are large, can accommodate larger units, more circuits, and  batteries, in addition to sound quality is generally good, there are many  "all-round fighters", such as noise reduction. In short, if you want to buy the  most complete Bluetooth headset in one step, the headset is definitely the best  choice. It has the advantages of noise reduction, sound quality and endurance  performance.

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