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How To Reset Bluetooth Headset?

Apr. 26, 2020

A lot of friends asked me, Bluetooth headset can not match how to do? How to test yourself first? I'm going to give you the answer today.

What is the general usage of commercially available Bluetooth headsets? How to reset the Bluetooth headset? Once you've used one headset, how to get your hands on another headset without even looking at the instructions! If you want to listen to music while running, you'll need DT8 TWS in-ear wireless earbuds.

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1. Bluetooth headset Method of use

1-1 how to switch on, off and songs-Bluetooth headset

Usually, there are three buttons for Bluetooth headphone cable control: volume +/- and middle button (play pause).

Volume +/- key: adjust the volume, long press to change the next/song

Middle key long-press: generally press about three seconds to start/shut down

Middle button: pause/start playing music or movie;

If a call comes in, it can be answered, if the call can be hung up.

1-2 How do you pair?

Usually, as soon as you get your hands on a brand new Bluetooth headset, you can boot it up and go straight to the pairing mode (usually with red and blue lights flashing alternately). There are exceptions, of course. If the paired device has been unpaired (that is, the device has been forgotten/removed), when paired again, you need to press the middle key in the shutdown state long until the red and blue lights flashing, can enter the pairing mode, at this time your phone can again search the Bluetooth headset device.

Usually, when a match is made, the phone or laptop will say "connected" and the headphone's indicator light will change & there will be a beep so you can tell if you are connected or not.

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1-3 how to unpair & repair?

In the Bluetooth setting of the phone, you can select "unpair" for the device. If you want to repair, you should turn off the headset and re-enter the pairing mode (refer to 1-1).

1-4 reset headphones

Some headsets provide a reset function. This is different according to the default factory Settings of each manufacturer. It is recommended that you can read the product manual.

1-5 headset power

Most of the good Bluetooth headsets on the market will support the battery charge in the upper right corner of the screen of the iPhone. The android system usually does not support the battery charge. Some manufacturers will develop apps for users to check the battery charge, such as JayBird's MySound. But even if you can't see the current charge, the beep and light will alert you when your headphones are running low.

2.Bluetooth headset Simple troubleshooting

2-1 What if you can't match?

Disconnect the pairing device and turn on the headset, phone/laptop again. (full battery charge is recommended)

2-2 What if can't be charged?

It is often recommended to replace the charging cable & charging head and reset the headset to pair again.

2-3 often hear noises, strange beeps

Do you often hear noises and beeps after checking other phone pairs? If it's a particular phone that produces a cacophony or gratuitousbeeps, it's recommended that you unplug all of the phone's mating devices, reset the headphones, reopen the phone, and repair.

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