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The Benefits Of Headphones

Nov. 18, 2019

What is the best headset? The answer is simple, you like the best headphones! The real trick is to find out what you like the most.

Below we Sports Wireless Earphone Factory will give you a comparison of the performance characteristics of headsets and general headphones, you will find that headphone are our choice.

A scientific study in the United Kingdom has shown that wearing headphones for a long time can cause deafness to come 30 years in advance. Headphones have long been known to the human body, but with the popularity of various tablets, MP4, music phones, we are used to the use of headphones. So how can we minimize the harm of headphones?

Headband Headphone are usually divided into three types: head-mounted, ear-hook and in-ear. The least damage to the ear is head-mounted. Headphones, as the name implies, are worn on the head, not in the ear canal, and are different from in-ear earphones.

Headband Headphone

Headband Headphone

Advantages of headphones

1: The sound field is good and the comfort is good.

2: Do not get in the ear, avoid scratching the ear canal

3: audible longer than in-ear earplugs

The biggest benefit of the in-ear type is that it saves electricity, ordinary mp3 can drive, and then it can avoid environmental noise. After all, listening to music and plugging the ear. The bass of the headphones is not good. The main reason is that the pronunciation unit talks about the cost, while some of the head-mounted ones have strong accents, but they need to be driven by computers and other devices, and the mp3 driver has no bass effect.

From a health point of view, it is recommended to use a head-mounted type, and the in-ear type has an effect on hearing, and the wearing time should not exceed half an hour.

Compared with the in-ear and ear-hook type, the head-mounted type has a good sound effect, but most importantly, because it does not need to be worn when worn, it will almost harm the ear canal and eardrum. Under the ear, the ear-hanging and in-ear type sounds are realistic, but the eardrum will be damaged under long-term high shock. Frequently used in-ear earplugs will also become a breeding ground for bacteria, which will easily cause swelling of the stratum corneum of the external auditory canal and block the hair follicles, leading to long-term chronic congestion, stimulating excessive secretion of the parotid gland, making more and more deafness, forming an embolism. Tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

In order to avoid the damage caused by the earphones, please pay attention when wearing: Do not open the volume of the headphones too much, please pay attention to control the volume when using the headphones, it is best to keep at 40-60 decibels (general conversation sound or slightly smaller) to feel Comfortable and pleasant to listen to; do not listen for a long time, adults use headphones no more than 3-4 hours a day, and intermittent listening is appropriate, it is best to let the ears rest for half an hour; should pay attention to keep the earplugs clean, each time Wash in time; in the bus, subway, noisy street and other noisy environments, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music, call, ride, wear headphones when driving is easy to distract, not to wear headphones. In addition, when selecting headphones, you should choose good sound quality, small noise, and the volume can be adjusted freely and flexibly. Once you encounter excessive sound, you can adjust it in time to protect your hearing.

In addition, we can use outdoor waterproof bluetooth speakers in certain areas when necessary. We can also use Sports Wireless Earphone during sports. There are many kinds of headphones on the market, which can meet most of our needs. The above is the advantage of headphones, have you learned?

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