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What Are The Uses Of Wireless Headphones?

Apr. 17, 2020

With the improvement of wireless connection technology, the proportion of wireless headphones in our lives is getting higher and higher. The wireless headphones that have got rid of the cable restraint can bring us a very free and portable listening experience. With the constraints of the headset line, the application scenarios of theTWS Wireless Earphone are becoming more and more extensive.

Listening to music is still the most important application scenario of wireless headphones. As of now, listening to music occupies 77% of the use of wireless headphones, and also includes application scenarios such as watching videos, calling and background noise reduction. Easy-to-wear the Running Wireless Earphone can let you immerse yourself in your music world anytime, anywhere. Calls and ambient noise reduction can make you better focus on the sound in your ears.

Mobile games have become one of the main forms of current entertainment pastimes. With the increasing popularity of games worldwide, 32% of smartphone users will use wireless headphones when playing games. This trend is in China (41%) and India (49 %) The most obvious. Without the hindrance of the wire interface, it can bring a better grip on the mobile phone, and the dynamic adjustment characteristics of Qualcomm® aptX ™ Adaptive technology can provide stable, high-quality, low latency and other connection characteristics, allowing you to play games Synchronization of time, sound and picture makes it more handy.

Running Wireless Earphone

Running Wireless Earphone

Fitness Wireless Earphone has a built-in heart rate monitor and three-axis accelerometer, which can help you record heart rate, steps, distance and other data during exercise, allowing you to understand your exercise status in real time.

Whether you are driving or taking a variety of transportation, wireless headphones can bring great convenience, allowing you to focus on the road conditions while driving. The report pointed out that 60% of consumers will use wireless headphones when taking public transportation. Other common listening environments include outdoor, gym and workplace. Together with ANC noise reduction technology, it brings a more free and immersive listening experience. The continuous improvement of wireless audio technology allows wireless headphones to be applied to more scenes, greatly improving the convenience of users. Brings an excellent wireless listening experience to mobile games, videos, and music, which are the most popular and demanding sound effects.

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