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What Is A TWS Wireless Headset?

Jan. 03, 2020

Wireless earphones have become the best choice for many earphone users to listen to while walking on the road. Without it, it is more convenient and convenient to store than traditional wired earphones. Especially after the rapid development in recent years, the sound quality and battery life of wireless headsets are getting better and better; coupled with the increasingly sophisticated wireless transmission technology, the sound quality of many products can now keep pace with wired headsets; with convenience, sound quality, and versatility, how can such products not be taught?

However, people's pursuit of technology will never stop. When we think that the current wireless headphones are good enough, a new type of product pops up: TWS Wireless Earphone. The birth of TWS wireless headphones is not another word game. It is more convenient and intuitive than traditional wireless headphones. It has added many special features that are rare or not seen in traditional wireless headphones, making the audio experience more refined. 

TWS Wireless Earphone

TWS Wireless Earphone

Differences between TWS wireless headphones and traditional wireless headphones

The appearance of TWS wireless earphones is quite special. The left and right earphone bodies are completely separated, and no trace of exposed wires can be seen. When used, it is like wearing two sound-proof earphones, which can bring ease and freedom from sports and calls. Bondage experience.

If you search for the existing wireless headphones, you will find that there is still a trace of the cable, but this cable is not directly connected to the signal source; just look at the now popular Neckband Style Wireless Earphone, between the left and right ears The wires still need to be linked to each other; but TWS wireless headphones are different. You will obviously feel that if these products are headphones, they are more like wearing two earphones separately; and they can operate and pair with each other independently. This new way of use also makes the headset products face major innovations again!

The origin of the TWS wireless headset announces that the mobile listening has taken a big step forward. No matter how light the headset is, there are still visible wires, but it is not connected to the signal source. Don't underestimate this short piece of wire, it will still have a decisive impact on the user experience. Take the neck-mounted sports earphones now available everywhere, although there is no longer a need to connect a mobile phone, and you don’t have to drag a long string of headphones to shake them, but users still have to endure the connection of the left and right ears when exercising The wires between the two and the shoulder and neck skin frequently touch; when you put on the TWS wireless headphones, it seems that you only wear two sound-proof earplugs, which not only makes all the external wires disappear, but also feels more comfortable when you use it. No cover.

Not only that, TWS wireless earphones also have the added benefit of being able to completely hide the earphones, and their vision and touch are simple and neat. If others don't look closely, they will not be able to find the existence of the earphones, as if they were not wearing earphones at all. This is definitely attractive for users or business people who don't like to attract attention!

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