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What Is TWS Technology?

Nov. 25, 2019

When you see this title, there are a lot of black question marks. What is TWS? What is a TWS wireless headset? What is the use of this technology? Don't worry, the TWS Wireless Earphone Factory here will tell you what TWS is.

TWS: Abbreviation for True Wireless Stereo, meaning true wireless stereo. The implementation of this technology is based on the development of chip technology. Wired headphones can now get rid of the line and become a wireless headset! Technically speaking, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the main speaker, and then the main speaker is connected to the slave speaker through Bluetooth wireless mode, thereby realizing the true separation of the left and right channels of the Bluetooth. When the slave speaker is not connected, the main speaker returns to the mono sound quality. TWS is a technology that can be applied to Bluetooth headsets or audio technology to process Bluetooth signals into left and right channels for wireless separation. Wireless stereo headphones that use this technology as a primary solution are generally referred to as TWS Wireless Earphone. In the beginning, such headphones usually used the right ear as the master and the left ear as the slave. However, it is now possible to use both headphones as a host, so that one earphone can be used alone, taking into account driving scenarios such as driving and extending the battery life.

TWS Wireless Earphone

TWS Wireless Earphone

TWS technology has been widely used in the field of Bluetooth headsets, and a new product TWS Bluetooth headset came into being. In other words, the left and right earplugs of the TWS headset can work independently without a cable connection.

Compared to regular Bluetooth headsets, the TWS True Wireless Bluetooth headset has the following advantages:

The true wireless structure completely eliminates wired troubles and moves more freely. It can be used alone, shared, or used as two machines in a variety of ways. Really got rid of the headphone cable. Before we used stereo headphones, even ordinary stereo Bluetooth headsets, the most annoying thing is the restraint of the headphone cable. For ordinary headphones, whether it is in-ear or ear-hook, there are too many examples of the loss caused by the scratching of the headphone cable. If you are not lucky, the sound equipment will be discarded; if it is used up, if it is finished, if it is squeezed into a ball, etc. The next time you use it, the winding will be abolished for a long time. It will be a little better to use the winder, but it is also very troublesome. Many earphone scraps are actually caused by the partial twist of the connector. The earphone itself is still good. abandon. In the era of Bluetooth headsets, the neck-hanging style is less of these troubles, but temporarily do not listen, the two headphones will be chaotic on the chest until the magnetic type solves the problem. But the problem is coming again, this is just not connected to the equipment, and the soup is not changed. TWS true wireless headphones are two clean headphones, put on the line, do not pick it, put it in the storage box can also automatically charge, really convenient, really no annoying headphone cable, this application is the same as Sports Wireless Earphone can liberate people's hands.

With the continued popularity of the TWS wireless Bluetooth headset market, headset charging bays for storage and charging are essential, and wireless charging docks that support wireless charging are even available on the market. Its built-in wireless charging receiver module can be charged on the wireless charger like a mobile phone device, achieving the "true wireless" function of wireless Bluetooth + wireless charging, and the use experience is better. It is considered the ultimate wireless Bluetooth headset for the ultimate TWS.

Ok, today's TWS science class is here, I hope to help everyone.

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