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What Should I Do If The Bluetooth Speaker Does Not Connect?

Nov. 22, 2019

Bluetooth speakers are now important leisure appliances in the lives of many friends. With a variety of shapes and light and easy to carry, whether it is watching videos, playing games, or listening to music. Bluetooth speakers can instantly enhance the user experience. Level, however, in our lives, we often encounter situations where the signal is interrupted, the connection is not even possible, and even the connected device cannot be found at all. So, how do we deal with such problems? The Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Supplier will tell you below.

Generally speaking, the reason why the Bluetooth speaker is not successfully connected to the device in most cases is that the audio or the connected object fails to enter the "Bluetooth matching state". Many partners immediately started to operate the connected device when the audio was just turned on. Leave enough response time for the audio or device, naturally the chance of "successful connection" will be much smaller; in addition, when we connect the Bluetooth audio for the first time, some Bluetooth speakers will have "initial password settings", usually 4 0 or There are 4 8s, and many small partners will never be perplexed when they encounter this link because they have never read the manual carefully. In addition to these two situations: too far, there are obstacles between the audio and equipment, or the Bluetooth speaker itself has quality problems, which will cause the connection to be unreachable.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Then after analyzing the several situations where the Bluetooth speaker can't connect to the device, we can cure it. If it is because there is not enough time to match, it is recommended that you try the following steps the next time you connect: First, turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone , Search for the status of the Bluetooth headset; then leave the Bluetooth audio on, and long press the key of the Bluetooth headset for about 5-6 seconds. Until the indicator light blue light and red light flash alternately and then release, give the sound a certain buffering time to enter the matching state. Generally speaking, within 10 meters without obstacles, the mobile phone will receive the Bluetooth of the sound within 5-15 seconds. connection.

And if the Bluetooth speaker is actively connected to other devices and cannot be connected, it is recommended that the user first open the setting item in the computer or mobile phone that he wants to connect, turn on Bluetooth, and the top line can be searched by other devices. Tick the box to search for pairing. If the connection still fails, the chip is poor.

Of course, in the end, if the root cause of the failure of the Bluetooth speaker to connect to the device is a problem with the Bluetooth module of the audio, it is still recommended that everyone return to the original factory for inspection and professional repair, and never damage the audio itself. So, do you have any other Bluetooth speaker information you want to know? Welcome to leave a message to tell us the supplier of Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, we can answer your questions about various speakers.

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