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What Should I Do If The Headphones Are Flooded?

Oct. 29, 2019

I often hear my friends complain that the new headphones will not be used for a long time. This situation is definitely related to the quality of the headphones, but the most important thing is that they usually do not pay attention to maintenance. What should I do if the headphones are in the water? The Waterproof Sports Wireless Earphone Factory teaches you first aid.

1. What should I do if the headphones are in the water?

Generally speaking, when the headphones are submerged, of course, the first thing to do is to dry, whether it is sunbathing or a hair dryer. Once the headsets are dry, you can connect to your phone or computer to try them out. Of course, if you have no effect on the sound quality, you can continue to use it. However, if the sound quality is degraded or the headphones can no longer hear the sound, it is recommended not to use it. You can buy a Headband Waterproof Headphone that is easy to drop and waterproof.

Headband Waterproof Headphone

Headband Waterproof Headphone

As for the change of the earphone after entering the water, we can first understand the principle of vocalization, that is, the tympanic membrane vibration. Secondly, the reason why the sound of the earphone becomes small or the sound quality is damaged after the water enters the water is that the water bead sticks to the eardrum to deform the eardrum, affecting the vibration frequency of the eardrum and the like. Vibration parameters.

First, you can try to remove the moisture from your headphones. The main method is to dry, blow cold air, and the three holes behind the earphones are blown very hard.

Secondly, it is to restore the shape of the tympanic membrane to its original state, which is the focus. The specific method is to clean the position of the metal film on the front of the earphone when the earphone has less moisture, and then cover the front of the earphone with the mouth, first pull out the earphone, do not leak, after a few round trips, the shape of the eardrum will recover, but is blowing Do not use too much force during gas and washing. Later, suction or insufflation is performed to spread the tympanic membrane in one direction. However, it should be noted that since the water is blown for a long time, then the hot air blows the earphone, the deformation of the eardrum is not good, and the method is not necessarily applicable to all the headphones. After all, the quality of the headphones is better or worse.

2. what should I do if the Bluetooth headset drops into the water?

method (1)

Hair dryer method: This method can be said to be the most direct and violent, because the Bluetooth headset is very small, of course, if the water is also very serious, use a hair dryer to directly blow the machine, usually after a period of time can be repaired, but need to control the temperature.

Method (2)

Placement method: drain the water from the earphone and put the earphone into the rice cylinder with a vacuum belt, which can be placed for a few days.

Method (3)

Maintenance method: This method will lose the risk of warranty. Users are advised to use the warranty after quality assurance, directly disassemble and dry with hot air. Of course, you should pay attention to the loss of this component. If you feel that the above method is troublesome, you can use the Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, which is better than the headphones and the sound is loud.

Finally, I can share with you the methods of daily maintenance of headphones:

1. The headphone plug is very fragile because the wires at the plug connection are broken and the headphones cannot be used too much.

2. Do not over-insert or pull out the plug, as excessive wear on the plug will also affect the sound quality.

3. After using the headphones, store the headphone cable from the beginning of the earbuds, keep a little line, but do not pull.

4. Be sure to turn off the volume before using. If the volume of the output device is too loud, not only the ear, but also the diaphragm folds. A heavy one burned the voice coil of the headphones.

5. Keep headphones away from strong magnets. The magnetism of the unit magnet will drop and the sensitivity will decrease over time!

6. Keep the headphones away from moisture. The pads in the headphone unit will rust, the resistance will increase, and the headphones will be biased.

The above is the remedy for the water in the headphones, I hope to help everyone, if you need headphones, you can contact us.

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