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Why Buy A Tws Wireless Headset?

Dec. 05, 2019

Three years ago, the release of the Apple iPhone 7 and the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone jack made Apple a target of public criticism, but the AirPods released with it have stimulated the prosperity of the TWS wireless headset market. Three years have passed and the third generation of AirPods will be released at the end of the year. What is even more surprising is that the TWS wireless headset market has boomed in recent years. Many brands have launched high-quality products, and consumer choices have greatly increased. Not sticking to thousands of AirPods. Do we have to buy TWS wireless headphones? Now, let TWS Wireless Earphone Factory answer them for you!

TWS Wireless Earphone

TWS Wireless Earphone

1. Really get rid of the headset cable

Earlier we used stereo headphones, or even ordinary stereo Bluetooth headphones, the most annoying is the restriction of the headset cable. For ordinary headphones, whether it is in-ear or ear-hanging, there are too many examples of losses caused by scratching the headphone cable, and bad luck will also waste the sound equipment; after each use, if it is squeezed into a ball, etc. The next time you open the winding, it will be wasteful for a long time. It will be slightly better if you use the winder, but it is also very troublesome. Many headsets are actually scrapped because the connector part of the wire is broken. The headset itself is still good, only abandon. In the era of Bluetooth earphones, the neck-hanging type is less of these problems, but if you don't listen for a while, the two earphones will flutter around your chest, and this problem is not solved until you have a magnetic type. But the problem came again, this is just not connected with the equipment, changing the soup without changing the medicine.

TWS wireless earphones are two clean earphones. You can put them on, just pick them when you don't need them. They can be automatically charged in the storage box, which is really convenient and there is no annoying earphone cable.

2. Easier operation

Anyone who has used TWS wireless headsets knows that this headset requires a storage box as an accessory, whether it is AirPods or other brands. When not in use, we only need to put the TWS headset in the storage box, the headset will automatically disconnect, turn off the headset and start charging; when removed, the headset will automatically connect with the last connected device, or even reach At the point of second connection, no other operation is required during the period, which is very simple.

In order to facilitate the operation of TWS wireless headsets, the control panel is generally touch-sensitive. The control effect is achieved by clicking on the outer wall of the headset, which is easy and simple.

3. More stable for sports

Many consumers considering purchasing TWS wireless headphones will have a question, is it easy to drop the headphones directly on the ears. AirPods even became a network stalk when they first went on the market to deepen people's fear of being lost. In fact, they can be assured. First of all, TWS wireless headphones generally adopt in-ear design. In order to reduce the discomfort of wearing for a long time, some manufacturers usually use skin-friendly products, which are very comfortable and stable. Second, all TWS wireless headphones use ergonomic design. And added a pair of ear wings on the outer edge of the headset for reinforcement, which is equivalent to the Sports Wireless Earphone. If the running can fall, it is either not worn properly or it is in danger of life. It doesn't matter anymore.

4. Terrible battery life

When we use ordinary Bluetooth headsets, we always feel that battery life is a problem, but it is not a problem here with TWS wireless headsets. Because TWS wireless headphones are special, they must be equipped with a storage box. Manufacturers usually also put a battery in the storage box, which can increase battery life. Put it in the storage box when not in use, and the headset will automatically charge.

The above are the benefits of the TWS wireless headset introduced by Headband Bluetooth Headphone Supplier. Hope to help you.

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