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How to Choose True Wireless Bluetooth Headset and Ordinary Bluetooth Headset?

Jul. 04, 2020

With the development of wireless Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth headsets have become the new darling of the market and consumers, and more and more people choose to get rid of the shackles of wires. Choose Fashionable Wireless Earphones as your daily equipment, but in fact, there are two types of Bluetooth headphones, one is ordinary Bluetooth headphones, and the wire is still connected between the two headphones. Some brands also use collars. It is a true wireless Bluetooth headset. There is no wire connection between the headsets, and only two small earplugs provide music players and power support. So which of these two headphones is better?

Judging from the current market development trend, Bluetooth headsets are undoubtedly alternatives to wired headsets. After disconnecting from the cable between the headset and the mobile phone, people's hands are greatly liberated, and we no longer need to listen to music. Carry a mobile phone with you, but also tolerate the wires dangling in front of your chest to be able to do more things. According to the evolving standards of digital products becoming more and more miniaturized and simplified, there is no doubt that true wireless Bluetooth headsets will one day replace ordinary Bluetooth headsets.

In terms of performance alone, there is no difference between true wireless Bluetooth headsets and ordinary Bluetooth headsets. From a technical point of view, true wireless Bluetooth headsets are even more refined, and they test the design and technical capabilities of manufacturers. There are a battery compartment and operation area settings, and true wireless Bluetooth headsets, all functions are concentrated on small earplugs. On the premise of ensuring excellent sound quality, but also to ensure long-term endurance, this is not all Manufacturers can do it.

Sports Wireless Earphone

Sports Wireless Earphone

After removing all the wires, the microphone on the Comfortable Wireless Earphone was also transferred to the earplugs. How to use the ear microphone to clearly receive the sound from the mouth and remove the surrounding noise interference, just think about it Very headache. After years of technical research and development, the industry has finally overcome this technical difficulty. After carefully designing the microphone, the sound from the direction of the mouth is collected directionally, and the surrounding noise is completely cleared.

If you want to buy a Sports Wireless Earphone, then the true wireless Bluetooth headset is definitely better than the ordinary Bluetooth headset. In the case of no difference in sound quality, the true wireless Bluetooth headset is cooler, more portable, and more comfortable.

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